Our Process

Your Stress-Free Journey Awaits: From Consultation to Completion

At Zakhariadis Dream Designs, Inc, we recognize the impact of a beautifully designed bath. Serving the South Bay and Los Angeles County, we specialize in crafting unique bathroom styles. Explore our portfolio for inspiration and find a design that resonates with your tastes. Elevate your daily rituals with our expert residential construction and remodeling services.

As one of the leading renovation companies in the South Bay, we cater to both large and small bathrooms.

  • We begin by listening closely to your needs and goals for your bathroom renovation.

  • Based on your input, we'll craft an initial layout and design that maximizes both functionality and style.

  • We present a clear and obligation-free proposal outlining the scope of work and investment for your dream bathroom.

Making Your Project Easy and Efficient

1.Initial Consultation

4.Removal of Bathroom

2. Once Quote Accepted

  • Start and completion date locked in

  • Master Building Domestic Building Contract drawn up, and signed by both Client and My Bathroom

  • Deposit paid. 10% for under $20k, or 5% for over $20k contract amount

3.Plans Finalized

5. Plumbing and Electrical Rough in

  • We'll meticulously cover floors and furniture near the bathroom.

  • A skip bin will be on-site for the project to handle debris.

  • The existing bathroom will be removed to make way for your new design.

  • All new plumbing points prepared in their proposed location, and tested.

  • All electrical points run to new proposed locations.


  • Walls prepped and primed for tiling or painting: water-resistant plasterboard installed and finished.


  • Carpentry prep for the new bathroom: all millwork precisely installed.

  • Ready for plaster: all walls meticulously leveled and plumb.


  • The heart of the project lies in the waterproofing application.

  • This is handled by Fedor, our director, who is a certified waterproofing specialist.

  • He ensures all surfaces are prepped and leveled for optimal results.


  • In this phase, we'll paint the bathroom completely before installing any fixtures.


  • Tile placement is determined in the design phase for a balanced look.

  • Tiler adheres to the approved layout, installing tiles throughout the bathroom.

  • Grouting and caulking will be completed on all architectural joints.

11.Final Fittings and Clean up

  • We'll use CAD software to meticulously plan your dream bathroom, maximizing space.

  • During an on-site consultation, we'll refine every detail of your bathroom plan.

  • We'll help you choose the ideal fixtures and finishes, or provide a "shopping list" for your selections.

  • Plumbing & electrical: Installed & tested.

  • All bathroom accessories are installed and ready for use.

  • The shower screen is installed, completing the showering enclosure.

  • The bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for a fresh start.

  • All protective flooring and furniture coverings are removed. The floor is then vacuumed and mopped, leaving the space spotless.

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